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We are a management consulting firm specializing in the integration of planning, operations, and performance. Lambert Strategy works with Service Industries, such as National and Regional Associations, Law and Accounting Firms, Fortune 1000 companies, Not-for-Profts and Government.

Who We Serve

We work with companies that have two to five-year strategic plans. Many companies face challenges in accomplishing strategic and tactical goals. Reasons for this tend to include, financial, human resource and competitive challenges. We help connecting your mission, vision, and value with your strategy, culture, and, operations.

Service Organizations

For those approaching growth, mergers and acquisitions, as well as new investments, we offer benchmarking, business training and consulting packages aimed to help guide your vision and mission, and improve your decision-making and organizational processes.

Our mission

Helping leaders assess organizational core strengths and deliver the link between the way business operates in the present, and the culture it desires to provide in the near and longer term.

Further, we address your unique value proposition, and provide value through planning methods, systems, implementation, facilitation, evalutation and more. The three critical components of our work at Lambert Strategy:

  1. Understanding the core values that drive service brands.
  2. Anticipating and acting-on strategic and tactical challenges and opportunities.
  3. Developing a leadership focus on the organization.

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Training and Facilitation

The leadership development and management consulting services we offer focus on your unique leadership, governance, and team.


We take a hard look at the results of our work, and our value delivery, and guide you on the path towards success and growth.

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Integrate Planning, Operations and Performance.